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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yukon Quest 2006

The hardest dog sled race in the world began yesterday in Fairbanks, Alaska. Some think of the Iditarod as the hardest but those who have run both say the Yukon Quest is by far the hardest.
"The race route runs on frozen rivers, climbs four mountain ranges, and passes through isolated, northern villages. With temperatures hitting 40 below, 100 mile-an-hour winds, open water and bad ice all working against the teams, the Yukon Quest is a true test of the capacity of humans and canines, and a tribute to the strength of the ancient bond that unites them."
The starting and finishing place alternate between Fairbanks and Whitehorse. When the race starts in Whitehorse we usually go downtown and watch the start. It is very exciting and loud. It loud because 20 dog teams with about 10 dogs each is very loud.

The dogs are treated like star athletes by their handlers.

"The Yukon Quest is dedicated to excellence in canine care. Quest mushers are coaches, cooks, cheerleaders, and companions to their dogs. Quest dogs are elite, marathon athletes. Bred from stock that survived and thrived during the Klondike Gold Rush, no animal on earth can match them for endurance, dedication and their ability to perform in the extreme conditions of the North."
So in about ten days the dog teams will arrive in Whitehorse. Last year the race was won by a mere eight minutes, which is amazing after 1,000 miles of racing! Check out the Quest site as I have only scratched the surface or should that be "pawed" the surface.

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