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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November is a special...

I know we as Canadians are focused on November 11 with Remembrance Day and all that that entails. I teach my grade 4's about it and of course as a teacher-librarian I talk to all the students I come in contact with. My father was veteran so I value and am aware of and honor Remembrance Day. But in the last eight years my thoughts and activities around November have turned to another important event. It is called Operation Christmas Child. It is a fascinating project which is organized by Samaritan's Purse, a Christian relief organization. Take a shoe box ... any shoe box. Fill it with gifts. Send it children who have nothing. Pretty simple!!! Samaritan's Purse does relief work all year round in the countries the boxes go to, so this is an additional way for them to help out people in need. The boxes come from schools, churches and businesses. As a teacher I contribute to a teacher box in the staff room. The individual boxes are mostly put together by children. It is a practical way to reach out and help your fellow man. In some ways having Remembrance Day and Operation Christmas Child collection day so close together makes a lot of sense. Both deal with how we need to treat each other. It is important to remember and it is important to do something. I hope to post some pictures about Operation Christmas Child over the next few days.

Background info:

"Concerned about starving and the poor? This is the most worthwhile effort that I have known on a personal level. Samaritan's Purse was recognized for having the highest percentage of donations go directly to helping people. They are the real deal- so put your money where your mouth is and support them."
Michael Habersack, Sr.

Operation Christmas Child Newsroom - Canada

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