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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How Cold was it!!!!

Old Crow, Yukon, Canada

Rebecca Writes about the current colder than usual weather for March we are having here in Whitehorse. It reminds of selling pizza as a soccer team fundraiser in Old Crow. We sold large pizzas for $25.00 and for $30.00 we would deliver. We actually made quite a tidy profit which provided air fare to the soccer tournament for all eight players and the coach (me). Did I mention that it was -55ÂșC !!! The deliveries were done by snowmobile. People phoned the school to place the orders. We made the pizzas in the school kitchen and then delivered them to peoples' homes. Here is a map of the Yukon in which you can see Old Crow at the top. It is Yukon's only fly-in community. It was very cold. I worked the phones and helped make pizza. The delivery snowmobiles used winter sleeping bags to keep the pizzas warm for home deliveries. We had no complaints about cold pizza!!!!!

Map of the Yukon

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